Monday, November 25, 2013

Life as we know it

I don't blog a lot and writing just one post takes hours, because of all the pictures I want in it. But I want to keep doing it, because it's almost like my gratitude journal. There's enough going on in our lives to make me sad or anxious or unhappy. But at the same time, there are so many things to be grateful and thankful for!

We seem to have settled down a bit more, which goes hand in hand with being affected by several bugs this time. We like living here, although it's a different life from the first time we lived here. Boaz is the only one who'd like to go back to his old school in Holland. He seems to need the most time to feel really comfortable. 

They all like their church groups though. Adam has already been away with his group for a weekend. And Boaz has been away with year 5 and 6 from school for 4 nights! He's never been away from us for so long. He was home sick a bit, and very happy to be home again, but also had a great time rafting, zip wiring (? I'm sure that's not a proper verb haha) and doing lots of other activities.

Job has been doing a photography course (more about that later), taking lots (!) of photo's. I've been translating for Job's boss, going to the gym, going out for dinner with friends (we've got a group of Dutch women here), old and new, looking after the kids and the house, attending PTFA meetings, getting to know more people (in church/neighbourhood/school). And Job and I have been to a taster session of the marriage course in our 'new' church. 

Anyway, here's to the last 2.5 months, not at all in chronological order (that would probably take me an other couple of hours!)!

The picture at the top: Boaz is considering joining Fitkidz. They do 58 sports. Every Thursday evening they try something new and on Saturday morning they do inline hockey of ice hockey. It almost sounded too good to be true, but I think it's really as good as it seems. Now we have to wait and see if Boaz wants to continue. This photo was taken when he was caving.

Fingle Bridge

Walking to the Avon Dam on Dartmoor

View from our bathroom window (spot the deer in the last picture)

Santa Train with some of our 'old' Home Ed friends

With Fleur and Nicolette (and Levi who had been sick in school) on Exmouth beach

Haytor with Fleur and Nicolette (and Levi, because they can't go to school the day after they've been sick)

Lunch @ Two Bridges on Dartmoor, again with F&N&L
The gym where I do my classes a couple of times a week :-)

Our apple tree

A LOT of speculaaskruiden!! (mix for spiced cookies)

Apple sauce (with the speculaaskruiden from Fleur :-)) and the above mentioned apples.
Meal out with Job <3 p="">
Every now and then I bring something like this. We talk quite a lot about serious things. It's nice to talk about more random things as well. This night, one of the things we talked about was what we would do with 10 million pounds. Interesting outcomes! haha  

Boaz & Levi = Buddies <3 p="">

In the beginning of October we took the boys out of school for a few days and went back to Holland because we actually sold our house (!!!). With a big loss, unfortunately, but it's such a relief that we don't own anything anymore in Holland. We made the most of the trip; Job worked there for two days, whilst I could visit friends with the boys and on the last day we saw Job's family. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in a nice hotel with an empty swimming pool!

Boaz and his friends from his 'old' school. He was so hapy to see them again!

Boaz and his little friend

It almost felt like being back home in Holland again....

Levi with his best friend from his Dutch school.

The lovely friends we visited.

Our treat in Utrecht!

On our way to swimming lessons. The boys swim together. Amazing to see how Levi hadn't made any progress last year, swimming with his school class in Holland. After a few lessons here, he can swim!

Just a nice picture of me and Job (must have been in summer!)

Adam wanted to carve a pumpkin, I asked for a friendly one, pleeease!

The result! All happy!

Levi & Julia

Job's sister and her two children came over in October. 

Job's parents too, for over a week. They are good company :-)

Out in Haldon Forest, waiting for the storm....

Castle Drogo
Job now almost every time brings his tripod and camera, especially after his course with Adrian Oakes
The photo's in this blog (except for the last time, the Wales ones) are from my phone, absolutely different quality ;-)

Levi and Job. This photo was actually taken this Saturday; it was really warm!

The shawl was made by a friend last year. It's a prayer shawl. It gave me a lot of comfort when I was going through a difficult time. Now that it's getting colder, I'm wearing it again. When I was talking to an other lovely lady online, a couple of weeks ago and I said that I wasn't having a good day (or something like that), she offered me to knit me a hat. 

There are some great people out there! 

Oh, and we have found the best local fish & chips at Darts Farm! Very important.


Angelique said...

Leuk, weer en blog met mooie foto's.

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Wat een prachtig landschap zeg. Love it!