Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our walk of life in 2011

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This clip didn't take me a lot of effort to make, not like the ones I've made in the previous years. So I have missed a lot of special moments/people in s clip, but I still enjoy watching it. Hope you do too!

Have a blessed and special 2012 everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How a kidney stone can make you feel very settled...

It was very very painful

(can't embed this one, but had to add it, Helma said....;))


I have realised how settled we feel here, and how settled we really ARE!

Without our friends here, it would have been more difficult for Job and me to get through my days in hospital and me not feeling well after that, at home...

One friend came over in a rush on Saturday afternoon, to look after the boys and put them to bed, when it became obvious I had to stay in hospital.

An other friend came with his son to look after the boys on Sunday afternoon when Job visited me.

The third friend visited in hospital on Sunday evening.

A fourth friend visited me in hospital on Monday afternoon, and brought me home (!).

That third friend just took the boys (almost without asking) and let them stay overnight on Tuesday, when it was clear (to her, haha) I couldn't manage.
(While looking after Mirjam's lovely boys last night, I asked Levi.."Is your dinner nice my darling?", he replied " I'm my Mummy's darling! I'm NOT your darling!" HAHAHAHAHA. But after I left this morning he was waiting by the door saying my name and asked ... (my husband) if he could stay with us again tonight!!! Awwwwww! That's a great compliment....Thank you Levi! :)))

My dear husband worked from home on Monday and Wednesday and was off on Friday.

On Thursday a fifth friend came over with some of her sons ;) to help out here, do loads of washing and make cupcakes with the boys!

There wasn't really room for more friends, otherwise I'm sure all the gaps would have been filled with lovely people, willing to help!

<3 Thank you so much, you know who you are! <3

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

November!! (aaarg)

A lot of changes and generally being busy (and not in the mood for blogging) meant: no news for more than a month!

Changes: from unschooling to not really unschooling anymore. Big change. Good change. I don't regret unschooling; it has been very good for us as a family. I've really tried/done it. But now it's time to change.

An other change is our move back to Holland. No definite plans yet, no date set, but of course, it keeps our minds and hearts busy!

I'm more than ever in the last two years enjoying living here, like this sunrise from our guest room..

What we did in November:

Bonfire (All Saints) at our church on November the 1st

Playing Minecraft, still a big hit and lots of friends who enjoy playing it as well. And Boaz had a hair cut. After nearly 4 months of head lice, I was so fed up with it, that we chopped it off, and I haven't seen lice ever since! Good stuff!! 

We've also seen friends quite often...


Levi getting his jetpack

or here....(the way my English friends drink their tea....brrrrrrr! They keep the tea bag in (only one cup!) for about 5 minutes and then squeeeeeeze the last bit out of that tea thingy with a spoon --> must be soooooo strong!!!)

Boaz is doing really well with swimming. He's only had 17 lessons so far and has (I think) almost passed the equivalent of the Dutch A Diploma. And there are more things he can do than just swimming; his teacher is amazing! I've asked his teacher if he could do the A diploma with Boaz, so here's Boaz swimming with his clothes on :)

He loves his teacher, who is so good!! And makes the lessons fun. He taught Boaz how to make his trousers float!

We went to the Rainbow Fun House a couple of times (again). The boys love this indoor play area!

I had a body shop party...that was really good! 

And a Mom's Night Out. 

We've been to my twin sister (hi Emma! ;)))  and Josh almost every week.

Job has been away a couple of nights (which I don't like!)

We've been to Pottery again (the boys weren't really enthusiastic this time :(()

We've been to Sheppy's Cider in Taunton, to see how Cider is made. 

We've seen the lights being turned on in Paignton, quite a happening!

We've been on the Santa Train (with friends) from Buckfastleigh to Totnes and back.

Adam is starting to enjoy cooking, nice! :)

Adam and Boaz went to a birthday party.
We went to Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor (tick one)

And we went to London with the boys (big tick two!) for two days and saw all the highlights (just a few photo's).  


Our Franciscus :))


 A random picture of a random morning in our house :)
This is about what I can remember we did. Seems a lot, doesn't really feel busy.

Maybe more about our 'new style' homeschooling next time :)