Sunday, October 09, 2011


A recap for the month September

Apart from the 'normal' things, like learning all the time, reading, playing, computer, play station, eating, visiting friends, having friends over, we also......

went to Torquay Museum this month. We will revisit this museum next week, hopefully I'll think of taking picures :)

had a Not Back to School Picnic at one of our favorite spots nearby: Elberry Cove

went to Haytor, several times. It's becoming the boys' favorite place to go to. Adam would like to camp there with friends, he told me.

went to Haldon Forest as a family. A really nice place to go for a walk or take your bike. We'll be there this week again, hopefully (again) with pictures!

went to Dartington Hall Gardens in Totnes with our local Home Ed group

went to the Rainbow Fun House; the boys' favorite indoor play area.

went to the cinema to see Cars 2.

went bowling with friends

went to Goodrington Beach to play with friends

went to Kingsbridge, a place I put on my 'to do' list...

went to Decoy Park with our local Home Ed group once and once on our own.

Played with/learned from the several packets of Usborne fact cards that we recently bought. I really recommend these cards!

had a Home Meet here. Something we all love!

went to Powderham Castle, just to walk in the gardens and see the deer.

saw Boaz earning his first certificate/badge. He's only had a couple of swimming lessons, but the teacher is great!!

had a visit from Tjerk, Job's brother. Job and the boys took him to Woodlands and to Haytor. Sadly, Job didn't take pictures.

(I) had a few coffee out moments this month ;) and a Mom's Night  Out!

also (well, I did) started a new lego project! The boys have lots of lego, have always built the kits/ships they got. But gradually the ships were taken apart. What was left, was boxes and boxes of parts. That's ok, the boys like using their fantasy and building their own ships.

To see what's still complete, or needs extra parts, I decided to fix and/or rebuild everything, with a little help from the boys, who are excited to play with the 'original' kits again. 

I first spent a couple of days sorting all the bricks, and after that, had to find the specific bricks for the ships I wanted to build. It took me longer than I thought, but it's really satisfying! Not even near having finished the 'project', but certainly progressing ;)


Victoria said...

What a wonderful, full month you have all had! Funny how sometimes it can feel like we haven't done much....until you write it all down! You are a wonderful family! I particularly like the photo of the stunningly beautiful woman on the swings at the beach!!! ;)

Piglet said...

Lovely photos, sounds like a busy month :)

Heidi said...

Wow, gave kopfoto, zeg!! Mijn m-i-l gaat deze maand haar eigen pottenbakkerij met winkeltje erbij openen, en het lijkt me erg leuk om hier eens met een groepje aan de slag te gaan!

Mirjam said...

I thought we'd had a quiet September ;)

Oh Heidi, wat gaaf!!

Angelique said...

Jullie doen echt leuke dingen!!

Enne quiet September... Ik vind jullie nogal ondernemend.

Veel plezier in oktober :-)


Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Oh, die lego-momenten missen wij toch echt. Hier zijn in geen mijlen legovriendjes te bekennen. Maar de jongens amuseren zich wel onder elkaar!

Lieke said...

wow leuke dingen en respect voor je legoproject!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to catch up on some of what you guys have been doing!! Great photos, Mir xx