Sunday, October 16, 2011

October week 2

An other week and enjoying the nice weather!

On Monday we went to Occombe Farm with our local HE group to chat, play and go for a walk.

On Tuesday we went swimming and afterwards played at home

On Wednesday we went to Haldon Forest with the Christian HE group.
Boaz made some new friends..
And the boys had cake after the (for them) long walk (first picture) :)

Thursday wasn't a very good day for me. Job being away for work during the night, didn't help. I was grumpy. I don't have a lot of grumpy days, luckily, because the boys (some (one) more than the others) sense it and react to it. The fact that the chickens are still stressed about Oliver (the rooster) being there and chasing him, didn't help either. A dead (or half dead) rat in the coop wasn't helpful too...

Luckily I had a very good night (not the case most of the time, when Job's not there) and Friday was a brand new day. Knowing that Job would come home and with friends coming over, made it a much better day!

Boaz starting 'lego minecraft'

In the weekend I made a huge Apple Strudel. In Holland, most people make little triangles with apple, but they don't sell the thin square pastry thingies here (and I was a bit too lazy to cut it into squares)...

Saturday is our errand day, but I also went out for a drink with some friends in the evening.

Today we went on a walk near Lustleigh. It was the walk the photography/nature/history group went on Friday, and we couldn't do....We tried to find Lustleigh Cleave, not sure if we did, but it was beautiful!

 I also bought some books for the boys last week. I didn't give them all at once, might save some for Christmas.

I'm becoming a huge fan of the Bookpeople. They are very cheap and have a catalogue that's hard to resist. Sadly, they don't ship outside the UK 

The boys are very very creative with lego, but this book (only £5) is great to spark some new ideas!
Boaz loves it.

I just knew Adam would looooove the Top 10 of everything! He devours fact books.
We are not very much into artists, but I thought this Usborne book might be helpful. 

Oh, and I'd like to share my recipes for pancakes, fruit shakes and pizza dough ;)
Adam and Boaz aren't great vegetable eaters. Adam will eat some raw vegetables, but not cooked.

They love pancakes, pizza and fruit shakes though. I've started to put at least one (sometimes two) courgettes in the pancake batter. 

For 10 pancakes I use one or two courgettes (peeled), 8 eggs, a bit of milk, butter and a bit of flour (different types, depending on what I've got) and put it in the blender.

For pizza I use courgette with the water (in the blender), flour and oil.

And for the shakes again, some courgettes, frozen mango or strawberries, bananas and a bit of orange juice.

I'm completely open to ideas how to put other healthy stuff in 'normal' food, or to make healthy food even more healthier. :)


Julia said...

Lovely to read about your week Mirjam :)

Heidi said...

Die cake ziet erg echt serieus uit! :-)
Leuk om je eindelijk live te hebben ontmoet!
O ja, enne.. over dat snoepen.. We hebben weleens gemaild over suikerwijzer. Misschien heb jij dat suikervrije beeld van mij nog in je hoofd;-) hihi, ik doe wel mijn best, hoor ;-)

Lieke said...

leuk overzicht en leuk idee met die courgettes... stof tot... ;-)

Angelique said...

AngeliqueHD is mijn naam bij Wordfeud (even hier reageren, voordat ik dadelijk de hele dag niets anders doe ;-)