Sunday, October 30, 2011

October week 3

We had a very busy week last week.

I decided to skip the Monday meeting, as we had lots of plans for the rest of the week. The boys wanted to go to Haytor on Tuesday, so that's what we did.

This is the first banana (or any other fruit except for strawberries) that Boaz has been eating in yeeeeeeeears!!! :)

On Wednesday we went to Torquay Museum again. We went with our Christian Home Ed group. This time, we did a guided tour, which was really good! The guide told us lots of interesting things about the Egyptians. After the museum and lunch in the park, we went to the Rainbow Fun House (indoor play area) with a friend. The boys love this place. Boaz even made a Dutch 'friend' for an hour.

On Thursday our trip to Holland began. 9 Hours in the car is a long drive, but the boys did great. We listened to Story of the World, which is very very interesting for most of us (I don't think Levi really 'gets' it, but he notices the odd words, which is funny :)).

We arrived around 6pm and had, as promised to the boys, fries and snacks from our 'snack bar on the other side of the road'.

On Friday we saw my friend's new baby and we went to Den Haag, to see Job's sister and family, who have returned from Africa this summer. Catching up and going to the beach was great! It's so good to see how much the kids like each other, although they haven't seen each other frequently.

On Saturday we saw a friend's new house and I went shopping in my faaaaaavourite town Utrecht with Helma. Job and Ries took the boys to an indoor play area. In the evening, again, as promised, the Dutch snacks :). I even managed to go to a Mom's Night Out (with other home educators) on Saturday evening!!

On Sunday we went to church, saw my parents and one of my brothers & wife. After that we also saw Job's parents, his brothers, a SIL and their children.

On Monday, I dropped something off at an other friend's house (and saw her for a couple of minutes ;) on the way to the tunnel.

We were at home in the afternoon. It has been one of our best trips to Holland. It didn't really feel like rushing around, even though we saw so many people!

We've decided we'll definitely be going back to Holland in 2012. As Job has actually finished his (planned for 3 years) job here in 2 years, and a new job that looks promising, we might even be leaving (a lot) sooner than the planned August/September 2012.

Knowing that we have made the right decision to go back is freeing. Leaving our friends and beautiful Devon will be hard. Adjusting to a (most likely) smaller house and garden than we have here, will hopefully not be too difficult. But because we know we belong in Holland and that we will be blessed, that will be enough to make the change.


Lieke said...

Wij vonden het zo fijn jullie weer even te zien! Echt vertrouwd. Het zal aanpassen worden het mooie Engeland te verlaten, misschien kan het mooie landschap van onze gezichten de pijn verzachten ;-) lol! Intussen ga ik nog van jouw mooie landschapsfoto's
(en dan vooral jouw kinderen in het mooie landschapsfoto's) genieten!

liefs Lieke

Angelique said...

Goh, weer terug... met heel veel ervaringen rijker. En als jullie je zo goed redden in Engeland vinden jullie hier vast ook weer jullie stekkie. Nog maar heel veel mooie foto's en uitstapjes maken voor die tijd!


Anonymous said...

Is er nog een banaan achteraan gekomen?

Mirjam said...

Nee, verder geen bananen, maar hij zit nu (as I type) wel een pizza te eten met courgette in het deeg ;)

Frambooske said...

Hoi! Net je blog gevonden via de ultieme mama blogs :). Ik woon ook in the South West, maar lees nu juist dat jullie binnenkort verhuizen. Ik blijf meelezen want ben wel geinteresseerd in thuisonderwijs, doen jullie daarmee verder in Nederland? Groetjes Sarah

Mirjam said...

Hoi Sarah, wat leuk! Ben benieuwd waar je precies woont! :)

Ja, wij thuisonderwezen al toen we nog in NL waren en gaan dat zometeen ook 'gewoon' weer doen.

In Devon zijn trouwens heel veel groepen thuisonderwijzers! Toen Adam een jaar of 2 was, heb ik me bij to-groepen aangesloten...heel fijn om gelijkgestemden te ontmoeten!!