Thursday, October 13, 2011

October week 1

Walking to church on Sunday really looks like Autumn!

Don't know if this was Sunday (don't think so, must have been later that week), but it certainly didn't *feel* like Autumn!

On our way to a date with friends (on Monday) and to collect this fella :)

there was an incident with the car. I must have been driving over a stick that pushed itself through the motor protector. A hole in the protector (in the middle), a terrifying noise and a very slow drive back home is what followed. Luckily, everything was solved at the garage and we could continue our journey.

Like last year, we got a pass for the pool at Hoburne Park. Now Boaz can swim on his own, only looking after Levi makes it a lot easier! It's a great pool and the boys love going with their friends!

On Friday we had our first pottery session in Exeter. Adam had been asking to try it. I wasn't sure if they would all like it, but they really enjoyed it! Adam tried to make a pot, Boaz was just messing about (and loving it!) and Levi made some *plaques*.
The sessions are every other week and we're definitely planning to go back for glazing/painting/making more! 

Job wasn't feeling well on Thursday, Friday and the whole weekend, so nothing really exciting happened (except the going out for pizza with a friend ;)). Just two more 'random' photo's.... 


Anonymous said...

The pottery session looks great! Are you planning on doing it again?

Mirjam said...

I've added a little bit more info ;)

baasbraal said...

Hè, wat een lekker verslag! Ik had die potteryfoto al eerder voorbij zien komen en ik was erg benieuwd. Het is heel leuk om de kinderen in de verschillende fases van ontwikkeling te zien en hoe ze dat vormgeven in pottery

Lieke said...

aaaah die foto van Boaz en Levi!!!!! echt lief!

Angelique said...

Wat leuk, dat potten maken!

Enne, wat heb je Adam te eten gegeven? Hij is al echt groot! Pubertijd in aantocht?!