Sunday, September 11, 2011

PowerWood Week August 2011

Last month, we went to the first PowerWood week ever organised. We had a good week, although our most 'overexcitable' child left earlier ;). It was a bit too much for him. We were lucky to go with two friends (and their kids), so we all knew some of the people there already.

Boaz and Levi loved running around, playing with the other kids. They also loved the camping. Adam and I weren't too sure about the camping, but even I survived the 'cold' with a hot water bottle, thermo underwear, two pairs of socks, an extra thermo shirt, a normal shirt and a duvet ;)
There were quite a few workshops, also for the kids. But ours are not really the workshop type kids, so they enjoyed playing with their friends. Levi did the bandana making workshop with me though! 

 Even I did some running around :)

The boys running around

                          Josh, our Hula Hoop King!                                       And the apprentice :)

Aqua Doodle is fun, even if you're over ten years old!

Especially when it's raining...


 Boaz did the RC Workshop

 Camping without a DS seems impossible ;)

Favorite books were shared.... (Deadly 60)

 Science workshop for the kids 

 Cutie Gabes!! 


Victoria said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! :)

Lieke said...

ik vroeg me al af hoe het was geweest, leuke foto's! Wat gaat Levi toch op Adam lijken!


baasbraal said...

Ziet er geweldig uit! Wie heeft er nou last van het weer bij zulke leuke activiteiten? Juist ja: de volwassenen!

Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Wie organiseerd dit alles? Hoe kan je weten dat er zo'n activiteiten zijn? Is het dan via een bepaalde club? Ik wil zoiets ook hier op poten zetten? Tips graag!! Want dit is gewoon te gek!

Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

organiseert met t dus!

Mirjam said...

Hoi Ils, Simone de Hoogh heeft dit georganiseerd (NLse die hier ook in Devon woont)...