Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wales, Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales

This is what we did last week. We had planned to see (parts of) Wales and the Lake District. Going to the Yorkshire Dales was a bonus!

Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales was beautiful. We had planned to visit Cardiff as well, to see the Roald Dahl Platz, but due to traffic, we couldn't make it.

This was our first hotel, near Cardigan. During breakfast, it was really quiet there, so we were a little bit worried, because of our 3 wild boys. But they enjoyed a full English breakfast (Adam), cereal + eggs (Boaz), and Levi had the DS ;), with the volume turned off.....

This is near Mwnt (?! We had so much fun trying to pronounce all the Elfish sounding names in Wales!!). Climbing on this hill was actually a bit scary. Really high, with stones everywhere, bit slippery. This was Adam telling Job: but Dad, I do have fear of heights!

Then we went to Aberystwyth. We were very lucky to get a lot of tips of where to go. I knew about this place because a Dutch Home Ed Family was/is trying to move there. We played on the beach, in the play park and had a very nice ice cream! I would say K., not a bad place to live!! :)

Then off to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Wow! Amazing! Definitely worthwile going again.

Our pictures don't do justice to the beauty, but if you google Snowdonia, you'll see what I mean.

We also went to Pete's Eat. Just like when we went to Prague, I used the website Take the Family to find out what we could do. And this place was recommended. Pete's Eat is famous amongst the (many) climbers in this area. With big portions, a relaxed atmosphere, a book swap, a wall with posters/things to do/things to buy/courses, I can see why people go there. The boys loved the kid's menu with pizza and chips!

Then we went to see an other tip, from Victoria, Caernarfon, a very cool castle in North Wales. The castle itself was quite 'empty', except for several exhibitions. And you can go all around it, walking on the walls. The boys had a lot of fun, running around, climbing all the stairs and playing hide and seek. 

Perfect place to see something interesting and get rid of too much energy.

For the second night, we had a hotel again, in Prestatyn. One almost on the beach! With a nice warm swimming pool (all to ourselves!!)

The next day, we went to Liverpool. There were several options to do, but we chose to go to Spaceport. Space is always good :) and they also had a Wallace and Gromit exhibition (and our kids are W&G fans :)).

The next stop was the cottage we had hired for a mid week at Holgates. It's definitely the best thing we've ever hired, very comfortable. The only thing was that we were not on the park itself, which I would prefer, I think, next time.

We went for a walk along Lake Windermere on the first day.


When we had reached Wray Castle, there were two options: walk back together, or Job would walk back and get the car. The last option was the best (boys wise). 

The boys didn't mind waiting (with 'nothing' to do there, really) for over an hour. Boaz and Levi played with stones and Adam found an ant's nest. Give him a stream, a waterfall, an ant's nest, and he doesn't want to leave anymore.

What would the ants do with a drop of coke or a drop of spit ;)?

Before we left, he had made sure he had increased their safety.     

Adam (he really is an Adam.....)

On our way back to hot chocolate!

The only rain we've had was in these clouds. We have been very lucky regarding the weather! Everyone had told us that going to Wales and the Lake District could mean that we'd have constant rain.

On our last day, we went to Hawkshead and Windermere. On my list was the Beatrix Potter gallery, but when we were there, it looked so tiny, that we thought it might not work with the boys, so we went for an other walk again, through the fields

We've had a great holiday. Amazing how we managed to fit everything into 7 days! Our experience is that after a week (or even before that), we just want to go home, so this was perfect. Now looking forward to all the kids (not ours!) going back to school next week, so we have all the local nice places to ourselves (and our Home Ed friends) again! ;)). I've started to make a to do list for the things we/I want to see and do in the UK, because this may well be the start of our last year in the UK, and there's still so much to see and do! 


Alison said...

Hey, toevallig kregen we net mail, dat de subsidie voor de PHD helemaal rond is en er dus één reden minder is om niet te gaan... Ziet er naar uit dat jullie het leuk hebben gehad, als je binnenkrot ook een rondje doet aan de oostkant wil ik je Eureka Children's Museum heel sterk aanraden!

Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Help! Ik kan het niet meer aan om al die mooie beelden, al die prachtige uitstappen te zien. Wish I was there...

Angelique said...

Hou ik in gedachten voor onze vakantie van volgend jaar!


Lieke said...

Wow ziet eruit als een heeeeeeeerlijke vakantie!!!! Fijn zeg!

liefs Lieke

Anonymous said...

Hey Mirjam, this holiday looks like a wonderful adventure for the whole family. One of my list of things to visit is the Lake District...loved seeing your photos!