Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Parenting Course

I went to Simone's Parenting Course, over a week ago now. It was like coming home (not the first time I've had this feeling or experience, but definitely in my top 10!!). It encouraged me that we are doing ok. It made me grateful for the fact that we've known about Attatchment Parenting and Home Education (and later about Unschooling) when Adam was still very little.
I'm more and more convinced that we've avoided a lot of problems that would have occurred if he'd been in school or if I'd forced him to do (more) schoolwork, like textbooks. Still struggling with feeling guilty sometimes about the things I'm doing or have done 'wrong', but that's what moms are for, I guess....;-(

I studied 'science of education', if that's the right word for it, 14-9 years ago. Most of the theory I learned then, was forgotten after I had done the exam.
But having kids, and especially having a kid that is bright, so sensitive and learns in a different way than most people do, made me do a lot of research and made me read about things like bottom up and top down learning, about visual-spacial and audio-sequential learning, about learning in general, it made me interested in learning that doesn't come from textbooks, giving children more choices, etcetera, etcetera. I guess a lot of 'theory' (until the bit 'about learning in general') that I probably learned during my study, but didn't 'click' at that moment. Simone also talked about fears and about overexcitabilities, all so very interesting!!

This course put everything (the things I already knew and the things that I heard for the first time) in the right place.

So grateful!

(Levi's input :-))


Nicolle said...

Hoi Mirjam,

Heerlijk om weer even een gevoel van 'thuiskomen' te hebben en bevestiging te krijgen van gemaakte keuzes. Volgens mij doe je het goed!


Angelique said...

Still struggling with feeling guilty sometimes about the things I'm doing or have done 'wrong', but that's what moms are for, I guess....;-(
= Herkenbaar!
Laten we ons dan maar vooral focussen op dat wat wel goed ging :-) en dat is ook een heleboel

Fijn om zo'n mooie ontmoetingen te hebben en het gevoel te hebben op de goede weg te zitten en daar ook bevestiging in te krijgen.


Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Ik ben geen geboren unschooler, maar ik weet wel dat jouw zonen zich echt gelukkig mogen prijzen met zo'n moeder!!!

Lieke said...

klinkt zeer interessant! en hahahaha die Levi! ;-)