Monday, July 25, 2011

Escape to Dartmoor on a Sunday afternoon

After two days of giving too much attention to and feeling too overwhelmed with the horrible attacks that happened in Norway, I needed to escape. To clear my mind, to feel something else.....

So off we went, to Dartmoor.
The boys are reading the Animal Fact Cards that I mentioned here, an other hit!

Tried to find Merrivale, but don't think we did; it wasn't really well signposted.

But we managed to see amazing sceneries. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the light was beautiful..

Just peaceful, rough, beautiful, vast, amazing Dartmoor

I also knew that our Home Ed photography group went to Fingle Bridge last Friday (also on Dartmoor). I love tips from other 'locals'.

I'm feeling so lucky of having the opportunity to live here for (at least) a couple of years. It's like being on holiday all the time, even after more than 1.5 years of living here.... 

We finished the day by eating pizza in Exeter Cathedral's garden (well, almost ;)). A restaurant we like, because it's situated in a nice spot, and because it was the first place we ate when we arrived here......And the food is good, too :).

I haven't slept better in maybe weeks yesterday night. July has been a very emotional and tiring month for me, so that was good!


Heather said...

Lovely photos x.

nicolette said...

Wat een goed idee om zo uit te gaan waaien in dat prachtige Dartmoor!
Ik hoop dat je hoofd ook echt lekker doorgewaaid is. Goed slapen na zo'n dag is al een goed teken.

Je raakt je mannen trouwens niet snel kwijt met die felle roze shirts in dat groene landschap ;-)

Mirjam said...

Ik weet het, we gaan niet echt op in de natuur, maar een beetje expres gedaan, zodat ik ze inderdaad niet snel kwijt ben :)

Lieke said...

Wow lekker om even zo uit te waaien! Ik hoop dat het je goed heeft gedaan!