Thursday, July 28, 2011

Elberry Cove

Our trip on Monday to Elberry Cove, near Paignton, was with our local group. Two friends (Heather and Sarah) already posted about it, but I want to show you some pictures anyway.

We thought that the building on the beach was a prison, at first, but Heather told us she thought it was a bath house. I've looked it up and (of course ;)) she was right.

What a beautiful place. Have I mentioned before that I feel so lucky that we can live here?

Beadlet Anemones, 'dry' they looked like jellies and wet, they were the anemones as you 'know' them. Adam has watched them for quite a while, as he was very intrigued.

The water was very clear!!

The Bath House


Nanette Versloot said...

The water is so looks like Greece!!

Lieke said...

Wow prachtig! hebben jullie ook gezwommen?


Heidi said...

Super, weer!