Friday, June 10, 2011


Happy Adam, thanks to @Helma
He turned 10, our first born. And he had the day he wanted (I must admit that I wasn't prepared at all. Normally I make a special cake and (of course) buy presents. But this time, because of all the traveling and no time to buy anything in Holland, it just didn't work the way it normally does).

But Adam's wishes were simple: he wanted chocolate muffins, chocolate cake and diner at Richie's Diner. Job went to the big Toys r Us in Exeter with him and he came home with the Lego Star Wars ship he really wanted. He downloaded some extended edtions for his favourite ps3 game, played them, build the lego ship and was a happy chappy.

In Holland we would have had visitors during the day, but Adam was perfectly happy with how the day was.

In the evening we went to Richie's Diner with some of his friends. Perfect place to take your kids for a party. Especially the boys were all excited.

Ten years......I'm not going to be nostalgic, but wow, this little (well....4600 gr) baby, this toddler, this small boy (click) isn't that small anymore. He's got the same size shoes as I have, plus only 20cm to go and we are the same height! I'm looking forward to the next ten years!

Note to self: please take a real camera for taking pictures indoors...


Ceekee said...

`Wow! 10 jaar alweer! Van harte gefeliciteerd Adam! Wat een leuke foto's ook :))

Liefs, Caroline, Chris, Emma, Nienke, Anne, Stan en Evi XXX

Leah said...


Angelique said...

10 jaar mama :-) Wat een geweldige jaren (nou ja, misschien niet elk moment) en wat vliegt de tijd toch eigenlijk voorbij.
Wat gaat het komende jaar allemaal brengen.... vast veel leuke momenten.
Wat fijn dat Adam een dag had die hijzelf leuk vindt.

Blijf genieten, (en bloggen en foto's maken)

Stephanie said...

Happy Ten!! We have one turning ten in about two weeks... :)

Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Happy birthday to Adam, happy birthday to Adam, happy birthday to Aaadam, happy birthday to you!


Lieke said...

leuke post! fijn dat het leuk was Adam!!!!

liefs Lieke

baasbraal said...

Gefeliciteerd ADAM, gefeliciteerd ouders van ADAM met 10 jaar een heerlijk joch!