Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I don't know what we were thinking, but a week after we got back from Prague (and for Job even a business trip to Barcelona in between), Job and I went to Holland, to get some things done in our house in Holland

Channel tunnel

On our way to Holland.
On our way back, same place...
And a massive detour, driving through Guildford....
It's really hard to sell your house at the moment, so we got rid of the last bits and pieces that were still stored in one of the rooms and the garage, delivered two bikes (one borrowed from sis, one sold to sis in law), saw some friends, a mother, some brothers and catched up with several neighbours.

Thanks Maupert for the delicious BBQ and your help, Lieke for everything (too much to write down :)) and all the others who offered us drinks and shade.....it was just too hot that day! :)

BFF neighbour :))

We came home, totally knackered, to be honest, but were really happy to be with our boys again! Thanks so much Heather & Paul, for taking care of our boys! They had a really good time!

We were planning to go on holiday this week, but have cancelled it (hadn't booked yet, but we wanted to see more of the UK. We've done enough traveling for now....

Ps: the weird thing was....we had been extra careful to not get involved in accidents etc.. Job en I in Holland and the boys in the UK was a strange thing. Anyway....just a few seconds after our last turn in our village, on the way home, and me thanking God that we were still ok (and the thought that anything could still happen in that last mile (but that not being very likely)), there was a German guy, approaching us on the 'wrong' side of the road. Luckily, we were both driving slowly.....but that was scary for a second of five!


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Came by to wish you and Adam a happy birthday, I hope that it was a good day. Ten years of momhood!