Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orchestral Concert

Today we went to a classical concert, together with a lot of other Home Edders and also some schools.

The theme was "Let’s Go to the Movies" and the symphony orchestra played a selection of film music for children. Great opportunity for the kids to hear music that they recognise, and see which instruments play it! Super experience!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Boaz turned seven last Sunday. He wasn't interested in blowing out the candles (he was interested in the cake though.....and later in the evening he wanted to blow out candles) and he was a little bit disappointed that he didn't feel any different from the day before. But he was a happy Birthday Boy :)

Today, friends surprised us with an after party!! ;)

And no, he didn't want the (suggested by Job) hair cut for his birthday ;))

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Parenting Course / The visual-spatial learner / PowerWood SummerWeek

In two weeks, I'll be going to a parenting course, led by Simone de Hoogh.

One year ago, she spoke on the Dutch Home Ed Festival. One of the topics was 'visual-spatial  learners'. I wasn't there, but when I heard about it, it sparked my interest right away. So when she said she organises courses, I decided to go to one of them. There will be a lot of other topics (looking at the website), but I'm sure some of them are applicable to our family, so looking forward to hearing more!

For the local people: this course will be on the 9th of July (Saturday). More info can be found here

Speaking of Simone....she will also be leading a camp in August (in Devon). I'm not sure yet if we are going, but let me know if you're interested; in the course and/or in the camp!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Photo by Vic :))
We went for a PYO 'Pick Your Own' in Netherton with friends this week

We waited for more friends to arrive
Just how Levi likes it!! :)
We looked for strawberries

We picked them

Ate them

Paid for them

 Went for a picknick afterwards

 Played a little

Watched a little
 Talked a little 

Enjoyed the view

 I must say, we were quite lucky, regarding the weather! It has been raining a lot! But it was a really really nice day! Great company, yummy food and a nice trip.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Lynton... on the other side of the water you can see Wales!

My boys <3

Friday, June 10, 2011


Happy Adam, thanks to @Helma
He turned 10, our first born. And he had the day he wanted (I must admit that I wasn't prepared at all. Normally I make a special cake and (of course) buy presents. But this time, because of all the traveling and no time to buy anything in Holland, it just didn't work the way it normally does).

But Adam's wishes were simple: he wanted chocolate muffins, chocolate cake and diner at Richie's Diner. Job went to the big Toys r Us in Exeter with him and he came home with the Lego Star Wars ship he really wanted. He downloaded some extended edtions for his favourite ps3 game, played them, build the lego ship and was a happy chappy.

In Holland we would have had visitors during the day, but Adam was perfectly happy with how the day was.

In the evening we went to Richie's Diner with some of his friends. Perfect place to take your kids for a party. Especially the boys were all excited.

Ten years......I'm not going to be nostalgic, but wow, this little (well....4600 gr) baby, this toddler, this small boy (click) isn't that small anymore. He's got the same size shoes as I have, plus only 20cm to go and we are the same height! I'm looking forward to the next ten years!

Note to self: please take a real camera for taking pictures indoors...

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I don't know what we were thinking, but a week after we got back from Prague (and for Job even a business trip to Barcelona in between), Job and I went to Holland, to get some things done in our house in Holland

Channel tunnel

On our way to Holland.
On our way back, same place...
And a massive detour, driving through Guildford....
It's really hard to sell your house at the moment, so we got rid of the last bits and pieces that were still stored in one of the rooms and the garage, delivered two bikes (one borrowed from sis, one sold to sis in law), saw some friends, a mother, some brothers and catched up with several neighbours.

Thanks Maupert for the delicious BBQ and your help, Lieke for everything (too much to write down :)) and all the others who offered us drinks and was just too hot that day! :)

BFF neighbour :))

We came home, totally knackered, to be honest, but were really happy to be with our boys again! Thanks so much Heather & Paul, for taking care of our boys! They had a really good time!

We were planning to go on holiday this week, but have cancelled it (hadn't booked yet, but we wanted to see more of the UK. We've done enough traveling for now....

Ps: the weird thing was....we had been extra careful to not get involved in accidents etc.. Job en I in Holland and the boys in the UK was a strange thing. Anyway....just a few seconds after our last turn in our village, on the way home, and me thanking God that we were still ok (and the thought that anything could still happen in that last mile (but that not being very likely)), there was a German guy, approaching us on the 'wrong' side of the road. Luckily, we were both driving slowly.....but that was scary for a second of five!

Monday, June 06, 2011


We went to Prague with the boys, two weeks ago. When my youngest brother had his baby last November, I started thinking about going to Prague. I could have gone alone. But I knew Adam was desperate to meet both my brother again and his cousin for the first time. So we decided to go together and make it an interesting trip for the boys.

I did some research before we went and ended up on this site, Taking the family, which was a great resource. I made a list of nice things to do and see with the boys, like Prague Castle, Karl's Bridge, Petrin Hill, a boat trip, Prague Zoo and a couple of museums.

Levi in the playground next to Karl's Bridge (or Charles' Bridge)
We ended up seeing the Castle, Karl's Bridge, Petrin Hill (+ the funicular) and Prague Zoo. The thing I had missed online (still surprised that I did) was the Lego Museum. Luckily, we passed it, on our way to Karl's bridge. The boys loved it. They saw a lot of models that they already have, and got really inspired what to ask for their birthdays :)

Karl's Bridge

View near the Castle
On Petrin Hill

A lot of tadpoles...The boys wished they could have taken some home!
We stayed in the Wellness Hotel Step. Job thought it was a bit of a gamble, after reading the comments online, but it turned out to be really good value for money. We payed for five people, in stead of paying for the two (en suite) rooms we had, breakfast was included,  and the hotel looked quite clean and tidy. The hotel isn't in the centre of Prague, but it took us only 12-15 minutes by tram (children up to 16 (I think) don't pay for public transport and a day ticket for an adult is only 8 euro's) to get there.

A shame for the boys that there were no interesting programmes for them, but I got to see a bit of Roland Garros :)
 We walked a lot of kilometers! Adam is not a big fan of walking, but he did great! Levi walked too, or sat on Job's neck, or in the sling with me. I'm really happy for the lightbulb moment I had before we went. I don't really use the sling anymore, but I did in Prague.

  We went to Prague Zoo with my brother, his girlfriend and our nephew. It's a beautiful zoo! Quite big (but you can still 'do' the zoo in one (long :)) day. And it looks quite natural too. Adam was really excited that day. It was our last day and he could hardly stop talking to Johannes.

Jo took us out for dinner. He had hardly time to ear, because Adam was very, very keen to talk to him :).

Poor Adam.....blisters.....

They were down there.....

And we up was actually quite high:S


This fellow was born in Paignton Zoo! Our 'local' Zoo here in the UK!!

Crazy bro!!