Monday, May 16, 2011

Visitors May: Aunt and Uncle

My aunt and uncle came to stay with us for a couple of days.
We had a really good time.
We did the same trip as we did with Helma and Ries.
Hound Tor/Postbridge on Dartmoor
Found an other Geo Cache!

Levi loves having guests! He is the one that gets most upset about them leaving. And he will talk about them days or weeks after they have left.


Thanks J&R for the set of pictures!

I wasn't kidding when I said that EVERYBODY likes (to try) the trampoline! :))

  With my aunt, Levi and I went to the Christian group to Blackbury Camp that was covered in bluebells: stunning!
After the trip we picked up Adam and Boaz at a friend's house and my aunt got to practise her English (one of her requests :)) with Victoria.


jojoco said...

Oh wow, ik vind het daar al zo vreselijk mooi, op basis van de foto's die je steeds post, maar die bluebells. Echt schitterend! Daar zou ik wel eens een hele ochtend op mijn buik in het gras willen fotograferen ;).

Lieke said...

Wow ziet er geweldig uit!!!! mooie omgeving is het toch, en visite is altijd goed ;-)

Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Oh, wat doen deze foto's me weer hunkeren naar Engeland en jullie in het bijzonder...