Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lundy with Liz!

  Even before we moved to Devon, it was on my to do list: a visit to Lundy Island.

And last weekend I did it, with my friend Liz.

Ready to board.....

I must admit: at this point I was feeling a little bit sick....

Happy sight!!

It's a beautiful place. Not as 'special' as I had expected, but I'm glad we went. We had a fantastic day! The Island itself it quite 'empty'  (just like some (beautiful) parts of Dartmoor; great to walk & talk though.

The 'village'

Quite a big church for such a small Island!

One of the accommodations on the Island.
  Apparently, there was a rare bird on the island, the Trumpeter Finch on the day we were there. So we spotted some bird spotters. This is how they tried to get it on camera; they spent a lot of time on their knees!!

And we have seen the bird too! I guess we are very lucky! ;)
Should be in this picture somewhere ;))

I guess I shouldn't forget to mention that there was a very nice bar tender on the MS Oldenburg who gave us his backgammon kit, so we could play on the way back....

So, if you ever plan to go there, don't forget to ask for the backgammon game and say hi from Liz and Mirjam!


Heidi said...

Ja, ik zie um! ;-)

Lieke said...

lekker dat je er even samen uit kon, ennuh wat is het daar toch prachtig. Ik blijf genieten van de foto's!