Saturday, May 21, 2011


For the first time in years, Job and I spent two days somewhere else without the kids (3rd time in almost ten years....). Job's choice was London. Good choice. Of course, two days is not long enough to see everything, but we managed to tick off a lot!

London Eye

Houses of Parliament from the London Eye

London Eye
Royal Albert Hall (not been inside)
Tate Modern


Victoria & Albert Museum
The good thing about these museums, is that they are free (or at least most parts of the museums). It was a little bit too much for me ;), but we've seen nice things)

Tower of London (not been inside)

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral (Job's favourite!)
Westminster Abbey (not been inside)

Downing Street safety

Downing Street
Green Park

Science Museum....That's me in pixels :) and a massive globe.

Natural History

Science Museum
Natural History Museum
(We are SO going again, with the kids! They will love it!)


London Bridge
Golden Hinde (not been inside)
Trafalgar Square

I had to buy flip flops on day 2 --> blisters
Beach house exposition near London Eye (they even had a small 'beach' there for kiddo's).

I'm sure I have forgotten some of the things we've seen or been in to. We were exhausted after day 1 and exhausted after day 2. But it was great to spend some time together! Thank you again Liz, for taking care of our boys!!


Julia said...

Looks and sounds fabulous! :)

Heidi said...

Wow, wat leuk! Hoe vond je het om zonder de kinderen weg te zijn?

Alison said...

Isn't that the Natural history museum? Our favourite hang-out when we're in London!
Looks like you've hit all the tourist spots, must have been fun hard work!

Angelique said...

Logisch dat je moe was, jullie hebbne echt veel gezien!!! Echt leuk.

Judith said...

wow super londen is zo leuk!

Lieke said...

cool!!!!!! lekker zeg even samen weg!!!!! Het ziet er erg leuk uit!


Anonymous said...



Helma said...

Wauw, ziet er supergoed uit Mir.
Fijn dat jullie zo genoten hebben.
Goed voor de mens!

Mirjam said...

Alison, you are right, changed it! :)