Thursday, April 21, 2011

April I

 Heather's yumyumyum mango and coconut ice cream with strawberry sauce!

Time for an update :)
My mother came to stay with us for 4 nights! We had a great time with her.
We did a Civil War Day.
We got new chickens, still looking for a cockerel.
We made ham/cheese/chive muffins.
We had a friend of the boys for a sleepover.
My friends organised a surprise lunch for me on my birthday!
I got my DISHWASHER!!!
We had two home ed meets at our house: one quiet one and one busy one.
We had friends coming over to play.
We went to friends to play there.
I had two friends doing laundry for me as our washing machine broke.
I had a Mom's Night Out/birthday party at my house with friends.

So, a lot of fun, friends and sun! April has been amazing, weather wise, so far!

Hoping for more in the coming weeks, when we'll have friends and family staying with us....

While uploading the pictures, I realise Adam is not in the pictures a lot. When it gets warmer, he prefers to stay inside. And when he's got the choice to stay at home, he will (unless we're going to friends). I think we've overdone it last year, for him, all the days out. He enjoys relaxing at home. He loves watching Zack and Cody on youtube (these weeks, until he discovers something else), he must know all the episodes by heart now ;), he plays on the Play Station, jumps on the trampoline, reads books and magazines, plays with lego, listens to audio books and watches movies: Pirates of the Caribbeans, the Lion King trilogy, Megamind, Lord of the Rings and Surf's Up are among the favorites at the moment. His English is getting really good. I still find it amazing how the boys are able to understand the spoken (all three) and the written (Adam) English and how they can make themselves clear and have real conversations. They even talk in English to each other sometimes...

Two cheeky monkeys

Flowers from friends for my birthday :)

Four beautiful new hens!

Civil War Day ~ big gun!!

 Civil War Day talk

 One of Boaz' lego strategy games, only he knows the rules ;)

Soundtracks, the boys love it :) 

Spring!! And white laundry, my favorite!!

Levi, making me sand pancakes

Our sleepover friend

Levi Einstein (hair wise ;))

The yummy ham/cheese/chive muffins!

Loooove blackbirds!

With oma

Letters, letters, to play with!


Adam playing Zoo Tycoon

Two of our best purchases ever! And three of my lovely men! 


Kimberly said...

my youngest son has a zillion games in is head that I think only he knows the rules to.... he often will write down his new games with rules, but get bored halfway through- so we never know how to play his games.

nice hens! we want hens- but my husband says no.

(I have 3 boys and we 'quasi-unschool'-

Heidi said...

Volgens mij hebben jullie zo'n gave tuin!!

Lieke said...

hey leuk weer eens een update te lezen. April vliegt voorbij! gelukkig hebben jullie het zo te zien goed... leuk alles even te zien in vogelvlucht! ik ben benieuwd naar dat ijs, ziet er jummie uit!!!!

liefs Lieke