Monday, February 07, 2011


Last week, we received a letter from Compassion. I had asked them if they could find us an other sponsor child. So I was very excited to find out who it was! I chose not to choose myself. That's something I would find hard to do; so many kids that have been waiting for a sponsor for a long time....I'd rather let someone else pick and trust it's the child that we're 'supposed' to sponsor.

It's Deborah from Uganda. A nice match with our other sponsor child Debika.
Debika and Deborah :).

I'm hoping that we can build up some kind of relationship with her. It's not only the money and the prayers; it's the possibility of writing and encouraging each other, too. And knowing how their lives are enriched by being part of a Compassion program.

It's not just us, blessing the girls, but they are blessing us as well.

I've been writing about Compassion, recently. Feel free (again) to have a look at the websites and think about sponsoring a child yourself! I know of at least one other family that did so, after reading my previous post about Compassion. I'd love to hear from more people who are planning to! Or from people who already have a sponsor child!


Zeeuwse Mama said...

Wow, leuk! Gaaf om Deborah's gezichtje te zien!!

Anonymous said...

I sponsor a child through Tear Fund, and recently I have written a card to her. A first for me! I hope we'll be ably to have some contact and I'm looking forward to her letter.

Jessica said...

Yay! I've heard of a lot of people getting Ugandan beauties this month!

Judith said...

Wat fijn voor Deborah!
wij sponsoren Maite uit Mexico nu al twee jaar.. ook via Compassion