Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selling our house....for REAL!

Our house is online finally; on

It's for real now!

To be honest, I'm not feeling sad or anything. I just hope it will be sold very soon. It wasn't my house anymore from the day we left, in 2009.

I do have very fond memories of living there; the feeling that we were on holiday for quite some time after we moved on the 29th of April 2005. On the pictures on funda it looks grey and dull outside. And the garden doesn't look attractive at all. But during spring and summer it looks so colorful! We loved the large grass area with the small play area in front of the house. And I loved the attic. My favourite place of the house. I loved the fact that we could walk to church, walk to the AH, walk to the library and the SOT (SpeelOTheek), walk to the swimmingpool, walk to the nature area, walk to friends...

Compared to 6 years ago, it has even become a better place to live as a homeschooler now, since there's one (to be) homeschooling family in the same street and there's an other family in the village. And the LEA (LPA) is ok too ;)).

So, still not sad, but happy memories! :)

It's funny: the last time my friend P was visiting us, she told her kids: "this might be the last time we'll be in this house. So have one more good look around." At that point, we weren't planning to sell the house at all. We would come back after three years and live there again. But (of course ;))) she was right....
We don't know what will happen in 2012. We want to keep all options open en we want to be without a house (=burden) to be free to move wherever we are led to go....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The way things work

I found this in one of my email groups. My boys love this kind of cartoons that explains interesting and complicated matters. If you go to Youtube, you will find more episodes.

That reminds me of these series from the 80's. Some of you might remember them. We've bought the 'Er was mens'/'Once upon a' series, (starting point is evolution, noticable in the intro and the first part). We've also bought an other serie 'Er was eens...het leven'/Once upon a', but that got stuck somewhere in Holland. Looking forward to watching that one on dvd too!

I couldn't find reasonably priced dvd's on, but the Dutch are more lucky this time, because you can buy them at Bol

And last but not least, I got this one from Josh...

And this one, about quantum mechanics (unfortunately only in Dutch (Flemish)) from Jan Paul Schuttens' blog

(sorry about the title, that's misleading!)


Sunday, January 09, 2011

And a good one for this Sunday...

Just watch this. I got it from Jessica, who's blog I read....

And feel free to start sponsoring a child (through Compassion) too :)
I hope that we can be a blessing for our sponsor child too; it encouraged me, watching this.


Saturday, January 08, 2011

I just wanted to share something with you....

I've read some books about them and I've watched a documentary before, and every time it touches me. How they believe in God is not my believe, but the 'physical life' they lead, being so much closer to nature,  the sense of community life, not being overwhelmed with everything that's out there in the world.....I sometimes envy their simple life....

On the other hand, their life is (too) full of rules for me (rules because ....?? or only because of traditions), the simple life might not always be what it looks like....but still....
It's the Amish people. And the BBC has made an impressive and moving documentary about them: Trouble in Amish paradise.

You can watch the other parts on Youtube