Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our walk of life in 2011

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This clip didn't take me a lot of effort to make, not like the ones I've made in the previous years. So I have missed a lot of special moments/people in s clip, but I still enjoy watching it. Hope you do too!

Have a blessed and special 2012 everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How a kidney stone can make you feel very settled...

It was very very painful

(can't embed this one, but had to add it, Helma said....;))


I have realised how settled we feel here, and how settled we really ARE!

Without our friends here, it would have been more difficult for Job and me to get through my days in hospital and me not feeling well after that, at home...

One friend came over in a rush on Saturday afternoon, to look after the boys and put them to bed, when it became obvious I had to stay in hospital.

An other friend came with his son to look after the boys on Sunday afternoon when Job visited me.

The third friend visited in hospital on Sunday evening.

A fourth friend visited me in hospital on Monday afternoon, and brought me home (!).

That third friend just took the boys (almost without asking) and let them stay overnight on Tuesday, when it was clear (to her, haha) I couldn't manage.
(While looking after Mirjam's lovely boys last night, I asked Levi.."Is your dinner nice my darling?", he replied " I'm my Mummy's darling! I'm NOT your darling!" HAHAHAHAHA. But after I left this morning he was waiting by the door saying my name and asked ... (my husband) if he could stay with us again tonight!!! Awwwwww! That's a great compliment....Thank you Levi! :)))

My dear husband worked from home on Monday and Wednesday and was off on Friday.

On Thursday a fifth friend came over with some of her sons ;) to help out here, do loads of washing and make cupcakes with the boys!

There wasn't really room for more friends, otherwise I'm sure all the gaps would have been filled with lovely people, willing to help!

<3 Thank you so much, you know who you are! <3

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

November!! (aaarg)

A lot of changes and generally being busy (and not in the mood for blogging) meant: no news for more than a month!

Changes: from unschooling to not really unschooling anymore. Big change. Good change. I don't regret unschooling; it has been very good for us as a family. I've really tried/done it. But now it's time to change.

An other change is our move back to Holland. No definite plans yet, no date set, but of course, it keeps our minds and hearts busy!

I'm more than ever in the last two years enjoying living here, like this sunrise from our guest room..

What we did in November:

Bonfire (All Saints) at our church on November the 1st

Playing Minecraft, still a big hit and lots of friends who enjoy playing it as well. And Boaz had a hair cut. After nearly 4 months of head lice, I was so fed up with it, that we chopped it off, and I haven't seen lice ever since! Good stuff!! 

We've also seen friends quite often...


Levi getting his jetpack

or here....(the way my English friends drink their tea....brrrrrrr! They keep the tea bag in (only one cup!) for about 5 minutes and then squeeeeeeze the last bit out of that tea thingy with a spoon --> must be soooooo strong!!!)

Boaz is doing really well with swimming. He's only had 17 lessons so far and has (I think) almost passed the equivalent of the Dutch A Diploma. And there are more things he can do than just swimming; his teacher is amazing! I've asked his teacher if he could do the A diploma with Boaz, so here's Boaz swimming with his clothes on :)

He loves his teacher, who is so good!! And makes the lessons fun. He taught Boaz how to make his trousers float!

We went to the Rainbow Fun House a couple of times (again). The boys love this indoor play area!

I had a body shop party...that was really good! 

And a Mom's Night Out. 

We've been to my twin sister (hi Emma! ;)))  and Josh almost every week.

Job has been away a couple of nights (which I don't like!)

We've been to Pottery again (the boys weren't really enthusiastic this time :(()

We've been to Sheppy's Cider in Taunton, to see how Cider is made. 

We've seen the lights being turned on in Paignton, quite a happening!

We've been on the Santa Train (with friends) from Buckfastleigh to Totnes and back.

Adam is starting to enjoy cooking, nice! :)

Adam and Boaz went to a birthday party.
We went to Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor (tick one)

And we went to London with the boys (big tick two!) for two days and saw all the highlights (just a few photo's).  


Our Franciscus :))


 A random picture of a random morning in our house :)
This is about what I can remember we did. Seems a lot, doesn't really feel busy.

Maybe more about our 'new style' homeschooling next time :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October week 3

We had a very busy week last week.

I decided to skip the Monday meeting, as we had lots of plans for the rest of the week. The boys wanted to go to Haytor on Tuesday, so that's what we did.

This is the first banana (or any other fruit except for strawberries) that Boaz has been eating in yeeeeeeeears!!! :)

On Wednesday we went to Torquay Museum again. We went with our Christian Home Ed group. This time, we did a guided tour, which was really good! The guide told us lots of interesting things about the Egyptians. After the museum and lunch in the park, we went to the Rainbow Fun House (indoor play area) with a friend. The boys love this place. Boaz even made a Dutch 'friend' for an hour.

On Thursday our trip to Holland began. 9 Hours in the car is a long drive, but the boys did great. We listened to Story of the World, which is very very interesting for most of us (I don't think Levi really 'gets' it, but he notices the odd words, which is funny :)).

We arrived around 6pm and had, as promised to the boys, fries and snacks from our 'snack bar on the other side of the road'.

On Friday we saw my friend's new baby and we went to Den Haag, to see Job's sister and family, who have returned from Africa this summer. Catching up and going to the beach was great! It's so good to see how much the kids like each other, although they haven't seen each other frequently.

On Saturday we saw a friend's new house and I went shopping in my faaaaaavourite town Utrecht with Helma. Job and Ries took the boys to an indoor play area. In the evening, again, as promised, the Dutch snacks :). I even managed to go to a Mom's Night Out (with other home educators) on Saturday evening!!

On Sunday we went to church, saw my parents and one of my brothers & wife. After that we also saw Job's parents, his brothers, a SIL and their children.

On Monday, I dropped something off at an other friend's house (and saw her for a couple of minutes ;) on the way to the tunnel.

We were at home in the afternoon. It has been one of our best trips to Holland. It didn't really feel like rushing around, even though we saw so many people!

We've decided we'll definitely be going back to Holland in 2012. As Job has actually finished his (planned for 3 years) job here in 2 years, and a new job that looks promising, we might even be leaving (a lot) sooner than the planned August/September 2012.

Knowing that we have made the right decision to go back is freeing. Leaving our friends and beautiful Devon will be hard. Adjusting to a (most likely) smaller house and garden than we have here, will hopefully not be too difficult. But because we know we belong in Holland and that we will be blessed, that will be enough to make the change.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October week 2

An other week and enjoying the nice weather!

On Monday we went to Occombe Farm with our local HE group to chat, play and go for a walk.

On Tuesday we went swimming and afterwards played at home

On Wednesday we went to Haldon Forest with the Christian HE group.
Boaz made some new friends..
And the boys had cake after the (for them) long walk (first picture) :)

Thursday wasn't a very good day for me. Job being away for work during the night, didn't help. I was grumpy. I don't have a lot of grumpy days, luckily, because the boys (some (one) more than the others) sense it and react to it. The fact that the chickens are still stressed about Oliver (the rooster) being there and chasing him, didn't help either. A dead (or half dead) rat in the coop wasn't helpful too...

Luckily I had a very good night (not the case most of the time, when Job's not there) and Friday was a brand new day. Knowing that Job would come home and with friends coming over, made it a much better day!

Boaz starting 'lego minecraft'

In the weekend I made a huge Apple Strudel. In Holland, most people make little triangles with apple, but they don't sell the thin square pastry thingies here (and I was a bit too lazy to cut it into squares)...

Saturday is our errand day, but I also went out for a drink with some friends in the evening.

Today we went on a walk near Lustleigh. It was the walk the photography/nature/history group went on Friday, and we couldn't do....We tried to find Lustleigh Cleave, not sure if we did, but it was beautiful!

 I also bought some books for the boys last week. I didn't give them all at once, might save some for Christmas.

I'm becoming a huge fan of the Bookpeople. They are very cheap and have a catalogue that's hard to resist. Sadly, they don't ship outside the UK 

The boys are very very creative with lego, but this book (only £5) is great to spark some new ideas!
Boaz loves it.

I just knew Adam would looooove the Top 10 of everything! He devours fact books.
We are not very much into artists, but I thought this Usborne book might be helpful. 

Oh, and I'd like to share my recipes for pancakes, fruit shakes and pizza dough ;)
Adam and Boaz aren't great vegetable eaters. Adam will eat some raw vegetables, but not cooked.

They love pancakes, pizza and fruit shakes though. I've started to put at least one (sometimes two) courgettes in the pancake batter. 

For 10 pancakes I use one or two courgettes (peeled), 8 eggs, a bit of milk, butter and a bit of flour (different types, depending on what I've got) and put it in the blender.

For pizza I use courgette with the water (in the blender), flour and oil.

And for the shakes again, some courgettes, frozen mango or strawberries, bananas and a bit of orange juice.

I'm completely open to ideas how to put other healthy stuff in 'normal' food, or to make healthy food even more healthier. :)