Thursday, December 30, 2010


I haven't been blogging properly the last few weeks. I didn't feel like it, we were too busy, and after that, I was too tired ;) and too hermitty ;).

We've been doing so much, the last year. And the last couple of months our 'schedule' with outdoory things became busier and busier. Luckily with quiet weekends and quiet evenings, but still: pretty busy for a family that loves staying at home too....

So, Boaz started being not very well two weeks ago (!). He's still not 100% but getting better. Levi and Adam we feverish for a couple of days....

But for my record and to start 2011 sort of organised ;), I'll give a short resume of the last four weeks :)

-helping out at friend's house twice
-attending the carol singing at our church
-a lovely festive crafting meeting at a friend's house
-a visit to -missing all of our HE Christmas parties and ball from Jobs work :(
-Job's parents came over for a 10 day visit
-Christmas party at our church (still don't get the Santa thing!)
-bowling and laser gaming in Torquay with friends
-Job's brother's flight was cancelled due to the snow, so we missed him.
-Job's birthday.
-crib service at our church. There were more people that don't ever come to church than people that I know :(
-sorting out hamma beads at a friends house :P for three hours...
-even we had snow!

-the fox came and took and ate our chickens and cockerel :(((
-a lot of staying at home time the last two weeks. The boys loved watching their favorite movies, playing video games, reading, playing with the lego and playmobil....and spending time with their grandparents.
-levi's first knitting attempt ;)
-my first 'learn something new every day' poster

A visit to Bygones in Torquay. I liked itThe boys didn't really...
This is what it looked like, the photo was taken by Julia, click on her name to see more photo's!

A visit to Killerton. Again, I liked it; the boys 50/50: outside was ok, inside not.
Again, a photo by Julia, click on her name to see the rest of her post. Funny that the window in the Bear hut was made by a Dutchman!

And now Job is making oliebollen, a Dutch tradition for Newyears eve (funny, in Dutch it's called Oldyears eve ;)).

 Have a good one, everyone, as they say here! :))


Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Wat zijn Hermits?
De beste wensen voor één van onze favoriete gezinnen ter wereld!
Hopelijk zien we jullie nog een keer in 2011.

Aritha said...

Een vos... Brrr.
Mooie foto's weer. Vooral de breiende jongeman. Kan hij ook
Ik wens jullie allemaal een heel
goed 2011 toe!

Angelique said...

Wat een leuke foto van Levi!

Beetje laat, maar de allerbeste wensen voor 2011!