Sunday, November 28, 2010

week 47

I like summarizing my weeks. When you think you've had quite an ordinary week, it turns out you've actually done quite a lot. And that something new is learned every day....

On Monday I had an check up appointment with the chiropractor. It has been a big big help for my back problems to consult him. I would recommend this to anyone with back problems. We had the kids checked several months ago too. He did a little bit of treatment with Adam and Boaz, which has helped them too.
The rest of the day I did some cleaning and sorting out. The boys have been playing most of the time. And Boaz went to Beavers!

Tuesday was our usual day at our friend's house. As it's becoming a regular thing, Boaz seemed to need something else to do there, so that's something to be aware of. Levi feels more and more at home and Adam still adores the kittens.

On Wednesday we had a (home eduation) Home Meet at a friend's house. The kids had a great time playing and watching How to train your dragon. The boys wanted me to stay with them to watch the movie (yeah!) but I got to talk to my HE friends as well.

On Thursday we went for a swim with three other HE families.

On Friday we were at home.

On Saturday we went to Exeter as a family and Levi watched his first movie in the Cinema! We went to the kids am in Vue Cinema. This time we watched Toy Story 3 for only 95p per person.

On Sunday we went to church and I went to Sunday Kidz with the kids. 

The other things we've done this week:

We've been making play doh! Check out this recipe (sorry, it's in Dutch. But google 'make play doh' and I'm sure you'll find a recipe that you'll be happy with). I aldo added some scented oils, as an extra.

I've been reading Jip and Janneke this week to Boaz and Levi. I read it to Adam when he was younger. But Boaz didn't really enjoy being read to as much as Adam did, so I've skipped Jip and Janneke with him. Making up for that now, as they both enjoy it very much!

Read from my 30 year old book!

The boys (and Job) have been building with their Mindstorms nxt. This time they have been working on the crocodile. Now they will have to program it.

We've finished Fred's table. Fred is Adam's Hermann's tortoise!

And I'd like to introduce an other member of the (hen's) family as well. We don't have a name for him yet, but he is very handsome! We hope to get some chicks in 2011!!

Adam has been listening to the Junior B├Ętacanon a lot lately. It's a Dutch series of cd's about different science subjects (Einstein, Newton, computers, the importance of hygiene, about Pavlov, DNA and much more). Frank Groothof introduces all the subjects in a funny way. My friend P. always has some good advice on (audio) books. Thank you (again)! :) The Luisterwijs website has more interesting (sorry again, in Dutch) titles, check them out here.

And Adam got mail! A very sweet person, that has already sent me a parcel, not long ago, found something to make Adam happy with. Thank you, C.! Adam was very surprised and happy with the magazines! :)

I've been writing to our sponsor child. We sponsor her through Compassion (or this link for the uk, or the usa ;)). It's a great way to do something for childeren that need support. And being able to keep in touch with them through writing letters can build a special relationship between the child and the sponsor.

We've been a bit crafty as well, this week. I've been making some sort of wall display. Still building it up, but this is how it looks like now. About the 'general' things that happen during a certain month. I 'stole' the idea from Julia, my artsy craftsy HE neigbour :). Mine is less artsy craftsy, but that's me :). And it still works *lol*. Working on 'learn something new every day' in December. The basic is on the wall. Now we have to find something special for every day of the month.

We've also been watching Curious George

and Fantastic mr. Fox.

A lot of movies lately, but we all enjoy doing that together :).

Boaz asked me this week (and gave me his answer directly after the question): "Why did God want all the people on this earth? I think he felt lonely..."
He has been thinking lately, obviously :)

That was it, really. We've been talking of course, about a lot of different subjects, and we've been laughing together. We've also been a little bit grumpy, on some of the days. But that's life.

Still counting our blessings. Many many blessings! 


Helma said...

He bezig bijtje. Leuk zo'n overzicht van de week! Die krokodil van mindstorms vonden ze hier ook heel gaaf. En wat zijn de plannen voor deze week?

Fleur said...


Angelique said...

Goed bezig!!!

Ik heb net op allerlei sites zitten zoeken naar de mindstorms krokodil, maar kan hem niet vinden... of is dit een onderdeel van de robot? Jorn zou dit helemaal geweldig vinden (maar de robot vind ik te duur), dus; is die krokodil los te krijgen?

Maak er weer een leuke week van!

Mirjam said...

Hoi Angelique,

Nee, die krokodil hoort bij het (dure) pakket. Wel echt leuk als Jorn een beetje technisch zou zijn!
Nou ja, Job heeft 'm eigenlijk voor zichzelf gekocht ;)))

Anonymous said...

Wat een leukigheden weer!!! Goed idee, zo'n herinneringen-koester-muur. En zo'n haan lijkt me ook wel lachen :-) Hopelijk maakt 'ie jullie niet zo vroeg wakker!