Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 46

Again a busy week.

On Monday, we went to see Julia, baby Taisia and the rest of the family. I'm the lovely friend with 3 sons (obviously) ;)))). It had been ages since we visited them, but/and/so it was good to see them again and catch up!
Boaz went to Beavers. He wasn't really eager to go, but once he got there, he was happy. Tomorrow, Job will go with him (he wasn't at home last Monday), because Boaz feels more comfortable with Job there. He says he doesn't understand  everything they say.

On Tuesday we went to a friends house. We go there every week if  possible. They've got two kittens, so Adam is on the floor most of the time, playing with them for hours. The other boys have fun playing with her boys.

On Wednesday, we had a meeting with the Christian homeschoolers. We went for a walk (and three playgrounds) and cake and hot chocolate afterwards. We're not very keen walkers (the boys and I), so it was really good to be outside for a long time, playing and chatting. I didn't take pictures, but Devon in Autumn is just gorgeous! It's such a pleasure to drive for almost an hour and enjoy the scenery!
We borrowed all three Lord of the Rings movies and have watched them (several times ;)) last week. Some parts fast forward, but hey ho!

This is the start of the movie. The most peaceful part of the movie ;). It doesn't have the original music, but it's a nice intro.

This is the original music. Wow. Even nicer when you can see the instruments that play the music.

On Thursday we went swimming in 'our' pool. Good choice to get a pass! All three boys love it.

On Friday we went to see a friend and her son. An other friend with animals :)). And a drive over Dartmoor. From our end to her end. Stunning. We are so lucky! Check out this link for beautiful Dartmoor in Autumn pics!

This weekend, we've been working in the garden, painting Fred's table, playing videogames, going to church and Sunday Kidz, relaxing, crafty, running several errands....the weekend stuff. We've also contacted an Estate Agent, the first step in trying to sell our house.

And tonight, we have celebrated our first year in the UK! I had picked an American Diner for a restaurant, because I knew the boys would really enjoy that. We went to Casey's diner in Paignton. Especially Adam enjoyed his gigantic burger!
On the way back, we went along Paignton and Torquay sea front. I know the picture (taken in the car) doesn't really show it, but it looked really lovely, the lights at the sea front, the hills and the houses....This picture is better :)

See you next week, what are your plans?
Whatever it is, enjoy the good things in life!!


Jules (Bobblyboo) said...

Lovely to read about your week :)

Helma said...

Leuk weekje zo te horen.
Leuk hoor om te horen dat je viert dat je ons al een jaar achter je hebt gelaten ;-)
Nee, fijn dat jullie het zo goed hebben. Lang leven de socialmedia! ;-)

Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Ik was er even uit geweest. Was alleen maar moe, moe en nog eens moe! Daardoor miste ik de llieve woorden van je zoon. Zo heerlijk!

Judith said...

were een leuke week waarin jullie were vel mensen hebben gezien. gezellig hoor. ja t begin van de film is zeker mooi.

Angelique said...


Ik heb even gemist wie Fred is... een huisdier voor Adam? Op de foto's te zien is hij gek op dieren.


Anonymous said...

Jullie hebben ook een heerlijk drukke week gehad! En jullie leven echt in een prachtige streek ...
Zijn jullie van plan Sinterklaas te vieren of doen jullie het zonder de goedheilig man?

Mirjam said...

Als jullie nou ook eens hier naartoe zouden verhuizen, Helma! ;)

Over Fred ga ik nog bloggen, Angelique ;))

Ciska, vorig jaar hebben we halfbakken Sinterklaas gevierd, dit jaar alleen maar Kerst. Sinterklaas leeft hier helemaal niet en Kerst juist wel, dus doen we het maar even zo. De kinderen vinden het ook prima...Dan scheelt het als je (ik) niet zo goed bent in het levend houden van tradities ;)

Mirjam said...

Ils, ik hoop dat je je inmiddels weer wat beter voelt!

Owen, Mare, Emil, Arno en Nell said...

Maar euh... waren het niet wij die veel deden en jullie een stel huismussen? :-)
Nu is het toch even de omgekeerde wereld.

Mirjam said...

Ik heb zo m'n periodes Ils ;)

Amanda said...

Hi Mirjam! My boys have been begging to watch the Lord of the Rings movies. Scott just read The Hobbit to them, and he's going to start Fellowship of the Ring soon. I keep putting them off about seeing the movies (even though I think we own them). They watched "How to Train Your Dragon" twice last weekend, though! We love movies, too. :)