Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rockpooling at Goodrington Beach

Yesterday we went to Goodrington Beach, that looks like this in summer, when we don't go there ;) and looks like this after and before the summer :)

We went with the local Natural History (homeschool) group. It's amazing to have groups like this here. And very fortunate for me, because I don't do this easily on my own (with the boys). Adam loved being here/outside. He even went in the sea with his clothes.

Lots more things were found, a gigantic crab, sea stars, hermit crabs, a fish....

We also went to the Seashore Centre, where the kids could watch a movie about the local sea life and watch the feeding of the creatures in the tanks.

After the kids got soaken and very cold, we went home, brought some friends, chocolate (milk) and had a good after party!


Alison said...

What a wonderful time it seems you had! Lucky you :)

Helma said...

o heeeeerlijk!!! Gewoon in de modder zitten met je kleren!!
En warme chocolademelk daarna is the best!

Lieke said...


Judith said...

wat een superdag weer!