Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy family

Last (long) weekend, Job's brother, our SIL (Sister In Law) and niece were staying with us. We had a great weekend. The boys loved their uncle and aunt spending time with them and they adored their little niece. Adam said to me: it was about time, we really needed to get to know her!

All Saints bonfire at our church


 Lego building

 She really wanted to have a go on the Play Station!

Happy SIL on the trampoline! We've almost convinced them to move to the countryside and buy a trampoline ;)

 M on Dartmoor (Job's favorite place to take guests ;))

Science experiments with Adam and Boaz (you can see the safety measures Adam thought were necessary ;)), he really is his father's son :)))

 Playing chess with uncle

 More trampolining...

and more Dartmoor...

All pictures by w&m, I was too lazy to get mine from the camera.


Helma said...

Wat een gezellige foto's!
Ik moest zo lachen om die tweede foto. Het is net alsof Wiepke in die buggy met z'n hoofd zit ;-)

Fleur said...

Hele leuke foto's! Ziet er echt fijn en gezellig uit. Super dat jullie (zo vaak) gasten ontvangen en pret hebben.

klasina said...

Wat een heerlijke foto's, moest heel hard lachen om die safety measures hahaha. En wat een zalig huis hebben jullie zeg!

Lieke said...

ziet er heel gezelli uit ;-) Die Adam toch ;-)

Angelique said...

Leuke foto's!!

Maakt het wel echt spannend, zo'n doos met zoveel voorzorgsmaatregelen.

Aritha Vermeulen said...

leuk die foto's van jou. Vooral die schaakfoto. Geweldig.