Monday, October 11, 2010

Commando Challenge 2010

Last Saturday, Job did the Commando Challenge (with his team) near Exeter. This way, they were sponsoring  the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.   

I decided to go and watch with the boys. We had no idea how much we would be able to see, but it was dry and because we had had a quiet week, we just went.

It was quite a hassle to get to the right place, but we ended up next to the finish (where we saw the BBC camera team leave. We just saw their team on TV, we might have been on the tellie for a milli second ;))

It was funny to see all the different teams (funnily dressed or very serious). Almost every minute, a team started. Quite a lot of people!

The kids had to wait very patiently, but were very proud when Job finished!

Here is a short impression of a part of the course (an other team, we don't know them...): 

And yes, I really need to clean my camera! :(


baasbraal said...

soooo heeee Tough!! Ik neem aan dat het water niet verwarmd was of zo? Lijkt me een hele belevenis zeg!

Judith said...

zo he leuk hoor en hoe heeft je man het er afgebracht?alles goed gegaan met zijn team?