Friday, May 07, 2010

Visitors for a couple of hours...

Friends and family visiting us, don't normally come for just a couple of hours, but this family did. They were on holiday in Wales and "popped over" to see me and the boys (Job was in Germany (an other weird thing (for me).....we still in England and Job in a country on the other side of The Channel/The North Sea.)).

Anyway, it was really nice to see them! The (my) kids were a little bit wobbly; and acting like they sometimes did in Holland when we'd have visitors: asking a lot of attention, asking strange questions like: can I have a quarter of the cake? (?!?!?!)....


Luckily, they settled after half an hour. And I realised afterwards that they haven't been like this for a long time! That means they ...... erm.....I don't know what it means....but it feels good :).

But in the evening I had a very emotional, deep and personal conversation with Adam. Too much to put on the blog, but it really touched me. Sometimes you think you know everything about your child and then it turns out that you (almost) do, but didn't know at all about something that really matters to him....

I'm really glad we had this one-to-one. I'm really, really happy that he trusts me and feels safe to tell me things. And I'm really happy that I still seem to be in tune with him and just 'know' something is bothering him.

So, a great day, after all.

And thank you for coming over, T&S (and L&M)! :)


Fleur said...

Mooi Mir, heel erg mooi.
Dikke knuffel

Angelique said...

Fijn dat je een goed gesprek had met Adam, toch altijd fijn om te weten wat er in de hoofden van de kinderen omgaat.


Maureen said...

Leuk om weer bij te lezen.
Het is in ieder geval overduidelijk dat jullie het fijn hebben in Engeland!