Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day ~ For my friends in pain

Sometimes I wonder if my

beating heart has a reason

The thought of breathing only

takes my breath away

I've spent so many nights

wrestling with this feeling

Do I have the strength to

make it through the day

But I was never meant

To walk this road alone

I can always trust you

When you say

I will carry you

Be your strength

And pull you through

Reach for me

And take my hand

We will pray

And we will stand

In a world

Crying out for peace

Let your heart be strong

For when I am weak

You will carry me

Sometimes You wonder if

the road you're on has

a reason

It's hard to go on, when

you just don't know

We can shoulder all the

weight of life between us

Until the fear of what we

cannot see is gone

Cause we were never meant

to walk this road alone

we are bound together

When we say...

I will carry you - Michael W Smith


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Anonymous said...

Dank je wel! Dank je wel dat je zoeits moois hebt geplaatst. Ik kon het gebruiken.