Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I didn't completely finish our Tiger Lapbook, but I'm going to post some pictures anyway. I think we'll add more to it, when we find more information, but for's ok.

It's our first lapbook, so a very much 'mixed' lay-out. But I'm happy. It's a very good way to involve the kids in doing something together (Boaz started one on trains!). It's nice to look at, you remember information best if you've written it down yourself and have been really talking about it.


Adam's drawing





                                                                      Famous tigers

And I've started an other one. About stars and planets. The nice thing about lapbooking is that you can use anything you have; small bits of paper that you maybe wanted to throw away, or the planetary disk (if that is the right word) that has been on a shelf for a year, that has been looked at sometimes, but you never found the right place to put it, the ribbons that you bought ten years ago and never used.


Planetary disk back

Planetary disk front
and to be continued............

Now you can bring together all these bits and pieces. You add some drawings and pictures. And voilà, there's a lapbook, that you can easily store.

And have a look at a friend's blog, also about lapbooking. Posted almost at the same time...coincidence (that happens more ;))))


Angelique said...

Leuk en mooi!!

Wat kan Adam mooi tekenen!

Anonymous said...

oh schitterend! het klnikt cliche-matiger dan ik bedoel, maar wat een leuk en uitdagend en leerzaam project.

en wat een werk zeg, wow.

Nicole said...

Ziet er goed uit zeg! En inderdaad, je onthoudt dingen beter als je ze zelf opschrijft.

wii said...

Hoi Mirjam! Wat leuk om over jullie leven in Engeland te lezen, went het goed daar? En super die tijgers! Zou ook best zo'n boek willen maken over pasta of over de merel of wat dan ook :)
Veel groetjes voor iedereen! Liefs, Kir en Giel.

inge said...

Ziet er mooi uit hoor!

Mirjam said...

Hé Giel en Kir! Ja, maak ook een lapbook :). Of kom er hier eentje maken! ;)))