Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two little friends

They are hand and glove.

And loved being together again!
(and so did the mums)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to Holland

We've been in Holland for a few days. We've seen lots and lots of people; around 20 front doors ;).

We've enjoyed it very much, but we're also very tired!

Didn't take a lot of pictures, but just tried to be relaxed during these hectic days ;))

The nice thing of the visit is the finding that our home is in England, although Holland still (ofcourse) feels so familiar too. And that the kids played with their Dutch friends like they did before. Well, three months is of course a short period of time.

February was actually a 'quiet' month.

We'll be having a lot of visitors (from Holland); on 30 out of the coming 90 days. We'll see how thát feels :).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fish & Chips

Yesterday, we had our first Fish & Chips here.

It was.....erm.......

Very British?

Very Fat!

Too Much.

And to be honest....I'm looking foward to the Dutch chips (French fries)!

This is not really my piece of cake ;)

Or maybe it wasn't the right place to buy it.

Any reccomendations?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

No, we didn't have a bad day :)

When Job came home, yesterday afternoon, he asked me (after reading my post about the 'bad day') if we had had a bad day on Thursday.

No, we didn't have a bad day, except from the part that I missed him lots (he was somewhere else for work for two days).

We actually had a very good day!

You can read about that here. I decided to link to her post, before I had been reading the last paragraph. I don't know what to say about it. It's always nice (and it makes me a little bit shy) when someone else says something nice about you :). And I must say that it's the other way around. We love you too, Julia & Co. :).

Friday, February 19, 2010

A bad day

I got a request from some people to describe a bad day.

It's funny. Some people think that I'm always happy, always patient, always speaking with a gentle voice.

Well, I'm human, and can actually be very impatient (though I'm learning and maybe even improving ;)) and I can speak with a loud voice. And I'm not always nice to the people that are closest to me. Ask Job.

I don't like that at all. And, as I said, I'm working on that. Always learning :).

But of course I can be friendly, I'm happy with the little good things in life, and I'm an optimistic person, I think.

Back to the bad days. We don't have them very often now. We did have bad days when Boaz was younger. He was so different than Adam was at that (between 1 and 3 years old) age. He didn't hear very well (found out about that later) and needed a lot of space to run around.

A bad day is mostly caused by me. Not intentionally of course. I think a day is likely to become bad if I'm not there. Not meant in a physical way, but more emotionally. If I've got my mind set on something else, in stead of on the boys. And kids know that you're 'not there' instantly! And want you there with them. And that, combined with Adam not eating enough, one of them (or more) or me (!!) being very tired, makes a day seem to last forever.

(I remember not being very nice to my mother (repeating after her) when she would be talking on the phone, when I was younger. I think that's the same thing. She not 'there', and we wanted her 'here'. Do you recognise this?)

And I think you all know what 'bad' means. I think every mother knows what it is to have kids screaming, fighting, nagging, teasing, ......., ........

It's (mostly) not a problem to do things by myself, as long as my 'ears' and my mind are with them.

The moral of the story?

-I need to stay 'in tune' with the boys and make sure they get their sugar levels up, sleep enough. Being an optimistic person, I'm always happy with the 'brand new day'-idea. Sometimes there's even a 'brand-new' afternoon! :)

-Children are mirrors of our soul (if that's the correct expression, but I think you'll know what I mean).

-Blogs don't always tell you everything about a person's life (but you can always ask).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Levi (lot of pictures!)

Our little Levi is doing so well here! He's our 'happy one' and always in for going out, helping, cooking, playing with the water (for hours!), meeting new people, singing with Michael Bublé, loving my apple pie, playing alone, playing together, backpacks and bags.

As long as we are there, he's absolutely fine.

Cleaning the tins, glass- and plastic bottle box (with backpack).

I was really wondering how things would go with learning English. All three of them are doing great, in their own way and pace. Levi, still learning the Dutch language, is now mixing English and Dutch. He will say 'motorbike' in stead of the Dutch 'motor', say 'yes' and 'no', in stead of 'ja' and 'nee'. Say Bob the Builder, in stead of Bob de Bouwer. Say 'robin' in stead of 'roodborstje'. These are the words I can think of now, I guess there are some more. It's really funny to hear him repeating the English he hears.

Helping me bringing back the boxes.

Off to the post office. He loves to walk by himself, so it always takes a while (with backpack).

Off to church, watch his doll :) (with backpack).

Playing with Job.

Eating apple pie with 'little' Job.

We ate A LOT of apple pie the week H&R were here ;)).

Playing and reading by himself.

Helping Job, cleaning the car.

One of his favourite bags.

Peeling eggs (wíth backpack :)).

Dishes, wíth backpack :).


Always trying to get as far as his big brothers go.

On top of the castle: new adventures!

Playing with rice (with backpack).

He loves to have something around his neck (binoculars this time) or on his back :).


Two bears and a friend.

Watching tv.

Levi loves this song. And tries to sing with Michael Bublé.

We love you, Levi!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day ~ For my friends in pain

Sometimes I wonder if my

beating heart has a reason

The thought of breathing only

takes my breath away

I've spent so many nights

wrestling with this feeling

Do I have the strength to

make it through the day

But I was never meant

To walk this road alone

I can always trust you

When you say

I will carry you

Be your strength

And pull you through

Reach for me

And take my hand

We will pray

And we will stand

In a world

Crying out for peace

Let your heart be strong

For when I am weak

You will carry me

Sometimes You wonder if

the road you're on has

a reason

It's hard to go on, when

you just don't know

We can shoulder all the

weight of life between us

Until the fear of what we

cannot see is gone

Cause we were never meant

to walk this road alone

we are bound together

When we say...

I will carry you - Michael W Smith

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mom's day out

I didn't really go out by myself since we came here.

But today I did, with a friend.

A two-hour-drive to IKEA ;)

It was so nice to chat about....well....just anything.

To sit in the restaurant (twice :)) and not have to rush!

We loaded the car (and sadly forgot something must still be there, somewhere in the carpark...).  Is it typical for women to load a car like this? ;).

Well, we managed...;)

Thank you, Heather, for coming with me! :)
Loved it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Paignton Zoo ~ Paignton

Since this afternoon we are the proud owners of two ZOO passes. Which is actually of no use, because we'll not be going to our Dutch ZOO anymore, this year (and the pass will expire in April).

Anyway, getting this ZOO pass for Paignton ZOO makes me feel even more 'at home' here in the UK/here in Devon, how weird that may sound to you.

I just know that ZOO's are a good place to spend some time outdoors. Not having a pass makes it difficult to go for just two hours; that's just too expensive. But with a ZOO nearby, friends with a pass, and a try-out today, made me decide that it would be a good thing to become a member.

We had a lovely day. Adam had some rough moments. But the sun was shining and we had good company!